“Jolly Jester”

Sealine F44


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The current owners bought Jolly Jester (previously Silver Fox) in 2010 at Lowestoft. The boat was shipped up to its current west Scotland location at Kip Marina on the Clyde estuary.

Jolly Jester has been well maintained, with regular annual servicing of the engines, gearboxes and generator, in addition to a regular programme of upgrading any internal and external fixtures and finishing whenever necessary. As a result Jolly Jester retains a level of finish that is significantly better than many vessels that are a lot younger. Jolly Jester was launched in 1998.

The current owners offer Jolly Jester for sale at £115,000.

We would consider offering Jolly Jester plus cash for a suitable yacht circa 45ft.

Reason for sale? Returning to sailing, with a view to spending more time afloat whilst sailing longer distances.

Contact Andy at andys@ipconnections.co.uk